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  • Quincy’s Corner: Tough Days In The Anchorage

    Every single Sunday our Great Dane (Quincy) writes a Sunday column to dispense her wisdom as a dog who lives on a cruising sailboat.  Quincy the Boat Dog lives on a sailboat currently in the Puerto Vallarta Mexico and she regards that boat as hers…like it’s her home and she More

  • Yard Time- Check Your Attitude Mate

    We’re back in the yard – Can I get three cheers for the fourth time in a year of boatyard dwelling?  Woot Woot Woot!!!  This time I must say the surrounding scenery is much nicer;  we didn’t have to travel very far or better yet, be towed to get here; More

  • LF2SF Christmas Letter

    From my family to yours, I want to take this time to say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” wherever you are in the world and whatever faith you might be.  I want to apologize for not getting the Whale Shark post and YouTube video prepped in time for today, we’ve More

  • Kids Corner: Swimming With GIANTS

    Kids Corner is a feature on this website and blog that my 10-year old writes as weekly post about whatever’s on her mind at the time.  We do this to allow her to have a voice on the website and get her to correspond with other kids around the world More

  • Swimming with Whale Sharks in Nosy Be

    David and I have been trying for SO LONG to swim with whale sharks! We’ve tried several times to find them on our own, but also we paid for two trips to see whale sharks – one in Ningaloo, Western Australia, and one in Ari Atoll, Maldives. Neither time was Click here for full post: […] More

  • Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Maldives

    Despite trying to swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo, and actively looking for them while sailing up Southeast Asia, I never managed to get a swim in with these amazing animals.  While, yes, technically I did swim with one in the Maldives, it wasn’t quite the experience I was hoping for. Click here for full post: […] More