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  • TORNADO and … BIG BARRACUDA! Sailing to Grenada

    We’ve reached the Caribbean. In the last episode, we sailed a long way from South America, today we invite you to some of our favorite cruising grounds in the Grenadines . But sailing life is full of adventures. We run into a waterspout, I stick my finger into a spinning winch, and our engine stops […] More

  • Sailing Back to the CARIBBEAN

    Join us today while we are sailing with our home a trimaran from Suriname in South America to the Grenadines in the Caribbean. I hope you will enjoy ocean and sail footage. Enjoy Ania & Bartek Follow us: JOIN OUR LOVE BOAT GROUP: The post Sailing Back to the CARIBBEAN appeared first on […] More

  • We Survived 5 Years Together on a Sailboat

    5 years ago we moved aboard a newly renovated sailing trimaran. In September 2015 we left Poland to cover nearly 50000 miles across Atlantic Ocean as a family. We feel that this is our way to live a truly free life off the grid and offer the same to our kids. All this freedom comes […] More


    Back to the past and our stay in South America. Please join us while our last days in Suriname. In today’s episode we are visiting our new local family! We are so lucky to have friends in almost every corner of the world. And then we are having a long list to do before we […] More

  • 5 years at Sea on a sailboat. How to live on your own terms

    The period of “pandemic” has shown us among other things, how little we really need and how difficult it is to see what is important to all of us on a daily basis, including the overwhelming mass of information and stimuli from the civilizational surroundings. We are chasing something, a goal that is often not […] More

  • I Decided To Quit My Pilot Life And Sail Around The World

    For last few years, I was trying to make our life more and more independent, so that in case of a downturn I’ll would be able to take long-term leave from flying. I had no idea this was going to be a global crisis. Regardless, the opportunity has presented itself and I took 3 years […] More

  • Almost DIVORCED Over a Sail Change 🔥 Back to Suriname

    Back to boat life, boat works and high temperature. Some of you were so interested to see me and Bartek “fighting” then here you go! Some of boat works means almost “A DIVORCE” ! 🙂 Join us today in Suriname in South America. JOIN OUR LOVE BOAT GROUP: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: PLEASE REMEMBER TO […] More


    We have been living on a sailboat with our kids for almost 5 years. Today we share with you we decided to take the responsibility and live off the grid at on a floating home – a sailing trimaran. Please enjoy Ania&Bartek JOIN OUR LOVE BOAT GROUP: The post WHY DO WE LIVE OFF […] More


    VACATION IN POLAND OUR BREAK FROM BOAT LIFE Please enjoy our new vlog about our stay in Poland. A little bit different then usual vlogs. We are taking you for a little tour around our homeland. It was such a challenge to record that video and then edit it ;))) We were definitely in a […] More

  • FLYING TO POLAND! 🇵🇱 Our Last Day on POLY

    We are flying to Poland for holidays Our last day in Suriname and we are ready to leave our dearest home for a while … Bartek needed to fly out 2 days earlier so I needed to stay with Kuba and Julian and “closed all the doors”. We are preparing our home for the hurricane […] More

  • Getting Ready for the Hurricane Season ⛵ BOAT LIFE IN SURINAME

    Our last days in Suriname and we are almost ready to leave our home and fly to Poland. Join us today while we are preparing for the hurricane season. Enjoy Ania & Bartek Getting Ready for the Hurricane Season BOAT LIFE IN SURINAME The post Getting Ready for the Hurricane Season ⛵ BOAT LIFE IN […] More

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