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  • Dealing with diesel bug in Mindelo

    When the wind completely died off 5 days into our crossing to Cape Verde, and we had tried every possible sail combination to at least stabilize the boat in the swell, we reluctantly turned the engine on. A day later, we started hearing our engine loose power inexplicably. We looked at all possible causes for […] More

  • Landfall in Mindelo, Cape Verde!

    A couple of days ago, after 950 nautical miles and 8 days at sea, we made landfall in Mindelo Cape Verde around 9PM local time!  We started the passage on a high, with fantastic winds pushing us South and beautiful fishes on our lines, a copious Thanksgiving dinner and some stunning sunsets at our bow.  […] More

  • We are Back! Returning after 2.5 years

    After many months, countless miles, and multiple countries, Florence and her crew are back…. Back in the Northern Hemisphere that is. An invisible line has been crossed, Neptune has been toasted and we have been left reflecting on the last 2.5 years spent in the Southern Hemisphere. Anchored at exactly 0°00.000 we were struck by […] More

  • Boulders of Belitung; the Seychelles of Indonesia

    From the crocodile infested, tea stained waters and dense jungle of Kalimantan, a 280nm, 2 night sail transported us into a different world. Florence was now floating in turquoise waters, opposite bright white sand beaches and towering granite boulders. Despite the total change in environment, we had in fact not even changed country; the granite […] More

  • Recipe: Blanquette de veau

    When we acquired a barbecue, we couldn’t wait to test it and invited friends over for a grilled feast. But here in Spain, finding exactly what you are looking for at the meat counter is made tricky by a thick barrier language, and Ryan accidentally came home with 1,5kg (3 pounds) of VEAL. He eventually […] More

  • Episode #54: Crossing the Mediterranean!

    Crossing the Mediterranean on a sailboat from Malta to Spain: 900 nautical miles in 6 days!  Video of how we dealt with my burn at sea: We started our crossing from Malta, where we had been spending a couple of weeks prior to departure. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect for an East to […] More

  • Live from Gibraltar! November 3rd, 5:30 CET

    A chat with you to talk about what we learned in the Mediterranean, how we prepped Polar Seal to cross the Atlantic, but mostly just a pretext to hang out with you all fantastic people 🙂 You can set a reminder by clicking the image above and choose “Set reminder” The post Live from Gibraltar! […] More

  • Meeting the Forest People of Borneo

    ‘Borneo’. Just the name conjures scenes from BBC nature programs with Sir David Attenborough’s soothing voice narrating lush scenes of the life filled rain-forest. Yet here we were; no longer sitting watching a screen from our sofa but about to take our home into this mystical place. Sailing up the Kumai river to the Tanjung […] More

  • Daylight savings time & night watch fail

    Who remembered that this weekend was daylight saving time? We did NOT.  So when I went on watch at 1 AM on Sunday morning for a four hours shift, Ryan set his alarm at 4:45 AM to take over. But he didn’t understand why his phone was saying that he’d get a full five hours […] More

  • I See Fields of Green; The Rice Terraces of Bali

    It’s a common misconception that Bali is a separate country, independent from the rest of Indonesia, yet arriving after two months sailing through Indonesia it feels as if it could be. Gone are the groups of curious, grinning, innocent children running to greet us as we row ashore. In their place appears a sole 8 […] More

  • Chasing Waterfalls in Lombok

    Our time so far in Indonesia has been spent away from the major tourist areas, but now we are approaching the holiday hot-spots of Lombok and Bali. Apparently you haven’t been to Lombok unless you have been to the Gili’s; 3 small islands that form part of Lombok, but are a boat ride from Bali. […] More

  • Cefalú & Northern Sicily

    Aaaaah, Sicily… Ask me where in the Med I would definitely go back, and my mind is already back in this Italian gem. We reached Sicily from Cala Gonone in Sardinia after 36 hours of -ahem (surprise!!!)… motoring. But making landfall in San Vito Lo Capo right before sunset was well worth the effort, and […] More

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