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  • Quincy’s Corner: Prepping For Sea

    Quincy’s Corner is written by a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat that’s about to go to sea (tomorrow).  She’s not always happy with her bedding choices but seems to be perfectly satisfied to be on the boat and be around the family. For this big upcoming sail we’re More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy’s Come A Long Way

    This is Quincy’s Corner; a part of our website and weekly blog where she can express her wisdom, comments and concerns to dogs and their people everywhere.  Quincy the Great Dane lives on a cruising sailboat and seems to like it.  She’s come a very long ways from her cushy More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: She Sleeps Well, I Sleep Well

    Welcome to Great Dane on a Boat, in which Quincy the Great Dane pontificates on whatever she wants to discuss for the day.  Quincy is a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat.  This is her Sunday space to discuss dog issues and Great Dane thoughts with all of you. More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy’s Happy Place

    Quincy the Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a sailboat in San Diego while we prepare to get under way heading south…semi-permanently.  She lives with her adult and kid people’s who feed and walk her and she occasionally barks at dock strangers when she’s awake.   In More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy On Alert

    Great Danes are large, smelly creatures who sleep and lounge ALOT.  But when they get their energy, it’s often channeled into puppy laps, puppy energy, alert mode or play.  Eating holds an energy level too, but it’s quickly followed by more lounging time.  Quincy Great Dane lives on a sailboat More

  • Quincy’s Corner: Missing the Family

    Quincy doesn’t like it when the family leaves her on the boat alone.  It’s that simple.  She endures it while we’re in the slip…sitting and waiting for the family to come home.  But her alone on our sailboat (on the dock) is constantly on my mind and we rarely leave More

  • Quincy’s Corner: Waiting On Mom

    I’ll start this post by admitting I have no idea how to weave the word of the day for today…”sensual” into a Quincy’s Corner post right now.  It’s been a very long week for both Quincy and the family as we’ve had lots of heat and humidity and the boat More

  • Quincy’s Corner- Liking Shelter Island

    Quincy got to spend about a week picking back and forth through a boatyard on Shelter Island while the boat was getting it’s engine taken out and we were waiting on word from insurance…much to her satisfaction.  Although Quincy doesn’t always clearly speak to us, we’re pretty sure she didn’t More

  • Great Dane On A Sail Boat: Long Two Weeks

    Quincy the Boat Dog has had a hectic two weeks.  With her daddy gone last week and the boat in shambles…she’s not really sure what to expect next.  But, never the less, she wants to put her best face forward for all of you….so here she is: <img data-attachment-id="4924" data-permalink="" More

  • Great Dane On A Sail Boat: Quincy’s Happy Place

    I’m speaking for Quincy today when I say….”Hello”.  She’s pretty mellow as it’s been a crazy long week and she’s been in several different places this week, but wanted to show you her happy place.  Because we were towed to a boatyard and have been there this past week, Quincy’s More

  • Great Dane on a Sail Boat: Great Dane Gets Sneaky!

    Great Dane’s are notorious for loving “off-limits” areas where a human might sit down or sleep.  Cause when a Great Dane gets onto these pieces of furniture, no one else does.  Wanna see what this looks like on a boat with very small beds?  Especially when she thinks she’s getting More

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