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  • Behind the scenes – OCEAN PASSAGE planning

    Running out of food, water and fuel are real possibilities on this 3000 mile ocean passage. Sailing the boat is only part of the challenge, we also have to plan carefully to make sure we don’t get becalmed and end up drifting for months and running out of supplies. As fill our water tanks in […] More

  • Preparing for a MONTH AT SEA | Crossing the INDIAN OCEAN

    We are about to set sail on a 3000 mile offshore ocean passage. Just the two of us double handed sailing, our 37ft yacht Florence all alone on board, for up to a month at sea. In this video we share some of the preparations as we undertake a full mast tip to bilge check […] More

  • MattGyver Permanently Bonds The Bridge Deck (MJ Sailing – Ep 188 Part 2)

    This is the moment we officially become a catamaran!! ** Support the build – become part of our Patreon family!! ** We hope you enjoy this week’s episode where we bond the bridge deck to the hulks with our methacrylate adhesive. To do the job we invite our Patron Click here for full post: […] More

  • CATAMARAN BUILD – Seaming The Inner Hull (MJ Sailing – Ep 188 Part 1)

    **Would you like your name PERMANENTLY PRINTED inside our catamaran? Check out our Patreon benefits and join today for special benefits. ** Now that our inner hull piece has been attached with the methacrylate, it’s time to strengthen that seam by glassing the interior flange. To start off this Click here for full post: […] More


    Being stopped by police when sailing in foreign waters is always a worry, especially when we don’t have our passports with us. In this episode we sail overnight from the Mentawai islands back to mainland Sumatra to deal with our final visa extension and return to Cubadak Island for our first ever night diving experience. […] More

  • The CRAZY reality of RISKY Indonesian fishing

    Whilst sheltering from a storm, a chance encounter led to an insight into the risky fishing techniques used on Indonesia’s tropical reefs. We were invited out on a local fishing boat where we were learnt about the crazy reality of fishing for aquarium fish, where they come from, and how they are caught. This is […] More

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