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  • Sailing back to Nature

    New Video: Sailing in search of a dream anchorage, back to nature in Langkawi, Malaysia. Narrowly avoiding colliding with a cruise ship in the Malacca Strait we make our way north through fish traps to the national parks of Langkawi. Exploring inland we discover a natural infinity pool for a wild swim overlooking our anchorage. […] More

  • What Does It Take To BUILD YOUR OWN CATAMARAN? – MJ Sailing

    We have plans to build our own catamaran. And we’re going to take you through the process on how it’s done! Using a Schionning 1200 as an example, we walk you through the steps of what it would take from the time you receive your shipping container full of components, Click here for full post: […] More

  • Atlantic crossing: Departure Day (not a smooth start…)

    The day has finally come: we are about to depart from Cape Verde and cross the Altantic on our own sailboat!!!  Ryan is more anxious than I’ve ever seen him, and I simply can’t wait to leave the dock. Finally around noon, we can’t push the moment any further and we untie the lines at […] More

  • Atlantic crossing Day -1: Emotions & Last-minute preps

    Welcome to the first episode of our Atlantic Crossing daily vlog!  Emotions fly hight on our last day before departure. While Ryan is crippled with anxiety, we try to get our last-minute preps done. Relaxing is probably some of the hardest things to do!  —————————————————————————————————– ** JOIN THE CREW! ** Join our virtual crew of […] More

  • SCOTLAND’S BEST KEPT SECRET!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 141)

    This week’s episode lands us in our favorite place of Scotland by far, Lochaline inside the Sound of Mull. If you wanted to know our favorite place in Scotland, we absolutely fell in love with a small fjord called Lochaline, on the Sound of Mull. It was recommended to Click here for full post: […] More

  • Boat life in Penang City

    New Video: A rare marina stop for Florence means boat life in the city. Exploring the 2nd Largest City and the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. The diverse culture of Penang was an intriguing stop for us and we enjoyed exploring the city whilst also preparing Florence to cross the Indian Ocean. Out of the […] More

  • Hit by a Thunder Storm, Sailing at Night!

    New Video: We get hit by a HUGE thunder storm in the middle of the night and catch it on camera. In pitch black darkness and torrential rain we have to dodge through a fleet of fishing boats and avoid collisions with cargo ships. In this episode we show you what it is like to […] More

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