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  • LAND HO! | Landfall in Paradise after 23 DAYS AT SEA

    After 23 days of offshore sailing we are very ready to arrive. But we need to arrive in daylight to anchor safely which means pushing Florence to sail fast on this last leg of our voyage to Seychelles. Our tiredness brings out the emotion of the moment as we close in on land after sailing […] More

  • How we sail across OCEANS | Trade Wind SAILING Setup

    The HOLY GRAIL OF OFFSHORE CRUISING is sailing downwind in the trade winds, We have now sailed across 3 oceans using the trade winds. In this short bonus video we will share how we set Florence up to make the most of sailing in the trade winds as we sail west across the Indian Ocean, […] More

  • Life Mid-Ocean | SAILING Across the Indian Ocean

    This is why we put up with the storms and calms. Out of sight of land, sailing across an ocean can be a magical experience. I used to wonder what it felt like to be surrounded by nothing but the vast ocean and sky, at the mercy of the weather, with limited supplies, no internet, […] More

  • Sailing through LIGHTNING STORMS Mid-Ocean

    Getting struck by lightning is one of our greatest fears at sea. We are surrounded by thunderstorms when finally our luck runs out and one comes too close. Losing the use of our masthead instruments only adds to the challenge of sailing through this turbulent and stormy sea. As if that wasn’t enough water gets […] More

  • Setting off for 3000 miles of OCEAN SAILING | Crossing the Indian Ocean

    Sailing through the doldrums on our 37ft sailing yacht Florence is the first stage in our 3000 mile offshore passage across the Indian Ocean. The euphoria of setting off on our greatest challenge yet is tempered by the unpredictable ocean weather conditions we face. This will be the 3rd ocean we have crossed in our […] More

  • Behind the scenes – OCEAN PASSAGE planning

    Running out of food, water and fuel are real possibilities on this 3000 mile ocean passage. Sailing the boat is only part of the challenge, we also have to plan carefully to make sure we don’t get becalmed and end up drifting for months and running out of supplies. As fill our water tanks in […] More

  • Preparing for a MONTH AT SEA | Crossing the INDIAN OCEAN

    We are about to set sail on a 3000 mile offshore ocean passage. Just the two of us double handed sailing, our 37ft yacht Florence all alone on board, for up to a month at sea. In this video we share some of the preparations as we undertake a full mast tip to bilge check […] More

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