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  • The CRAZY reality of RISKY Indonesian fishing

    Whilst sheltering from a storm, a chance encounter led to an insight into the risky fishing techniques used on Indonesia’s tropical reefs. We were invited out on a local fishing boat where we were learnt about the crazy reality of fishing for aquarium fish, where they come from, and how they are caught. This is […] More

  • Cooking up (for) a storm – #88

    This was supposed to be a video about cooking on the boat, but really… it is a video about wrestling with cabinets and lockers.  Wanna cook some Carbs & comfort bombs? Here is the link to the recipes!  Lasagna: Hummus: Granola bars: Tomato soup: Blanquette: Follow some baby onboard adventure […] More

  • EXTREME HEAT boat life | STUCK on the Equator

    Stuck for a year in a sailing boat on the equator has had its challenges, from the extreme heat, to living with the isolation on board. This part of Indian Ocean is beautiful but life behind the lens is not always as easy as it looks on camera. We share the reality of life on […] More

  • #86: Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

    I want to believe that I will eventually get used to it, but I really don’t. Time after time after time, saying goodbye is still hard. Ryan actually cried after watching the first cut of this video 🙂  I try to hang on the fact that it is only hard because the friendship is meaningful, […] More

  • Offshore Sailing NEVER GOES TO PLAN | Sailing Florence Ep.98

    A stormy overnight sail 90 miles out into the Indian Ocean to reach the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Sumatra. Sailing never goes to plan as our watch pattern is broken first by faulty electronics and second by a massive thunderstorm. However the goal is worth the trials of this passage as we arrive […] More

  • #84: The sailing life explained (for noobs)

    5 years ago, when Ryan and I were absolute sailing noobs, this is the video that I would have want to watch 🙂 How is it REALLY like to live on a sailboat? How do you eat? Sleep? Shower? Poop? (Seriously, the boat shower was a mystery to me). More seriously, how does it work […] More

  • #83: All the things I wish I knew

    5 years ago, we were two noobs who had just bought a sailboat and were hoping to one day move onboard. We knew no one who owned a sailboat, let alone someone who lived aboard!  Looking back, there are plenty of things that I would do different… And yes, there are as many ways of […] More

  • GOING ALONE | Are we ready? | THE FINAL TEST

    Running Florence aground and a final test of our diving skills. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it. We take a weekend break from our diving course to explore the deserted but difficult cruising grounds off of West Sumatra, before returning for our final dive of the course and a challenge. Can we […] More

  • #82: What cruising looks like in 2021

    Navigating amidst at pandemic: Tips for going from 0 to full time cruising: Support the Channel, join our Patreon crew! It’s a bit chaotic, but it’s not all bad!  You wouldn’t know it by watching this video, but Bonaire is currently on level 6 alert, which the absolute highest on the island. […] More

  • The hidden costs of sailing a brand new bavaria c57

    James and Philippa were brand new to sailing when they decided to comission Aequus, a brand new Bavaria C57 from 2018.  In this video, we dissect the cost of buying a brand new boat. Can you really buy a brand new boat at the price announced by the dealer at the boat show? Can you […] More

  • Planet Dinawan exclusive video preview

    Over on FTBMates we upload exclusive video previews that don’t get published publicly, like this one called “Planet Dinwan”. They can be anything from unseen clips from our episodes, time-lapses or other side projects we work on. One of our most frequently visited videos on YouTube is our 4K Chill-Out Click here for full post: […] More

  • Sinking beneath the Waves | Learning to Scuba Dive

    As sailors we are focused on avoiding sinking beneath the waves. So perhaps learning to scuba dive is contrary to our natural instincts, but in fact it has been on our bucket list for many years. Finally we have found the ideal opportunity to learn. Join us as we share the experience of learning to […] More

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