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  • Would you try this? The Extreme Sports of Indonesia

    New Video: We experience the extremes in Sumbawa, Indonesia. From swimming with the WORLDS LARGEST SHARK to competing in the BUFFALO RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Extreme sports are alive and well in Sumbawa, water buffalo racing is all the rage and we turned up to the world championships, believe it or not, they even let us […] More

  • Boat Life doesn’t get much better than this

    New Video: We find the BEST TROPICAL REEF we have ever seen. Squid hunting around us, Manta Rays up close and personal, and a huge variety of vibrant coral. After seeing the Komodo Dragons in the last episode we dive over the side to see what the Komodo National Park has to offer under the […] More

  • Lithium Battery Install

    Many bluewater cruisers are now taking the opportunity to swap out their old lead-acid or gel batteries for lithium batteries. Why a lithium battery install? The advantages are many. Read on and make sure to watch the video too! You get more output for the same space (at least double Click here for full post: […] More

  • How to use a hookah (not a hooker!) at anchor

    Just yer average life at anchor next to a tropical island: boat work, beach walking, beer drinking… using a hookah (that’s hookah, not hooker!) for boat maintenance. White beaches, gin-clear water and thriving coral fringe this green and lush island, while granite rocks straight out of a Henry Moore sculpture Click here for full post: […] More

  • Dodging Reefs and Komodo Dragons

    New Video: Sailing through reef strewn and poorly charted waters, we make our way to the Komodo National Park to get up close and personal with some Dragons, the largest lizards in the world. We got to see this amazing spectacle before they put the entry fee up from $10 to $1000! If you would […] More

  • Life Over the Water and New Crew for Florence

    New Video: We sail to Wakatobi to explore its world class reefs and meet with the Bajo people. These people are known as the nomads of the sea and now live in a stilt village over the reef near Hoga island. We also welcome on board some new crew for Florence. If you would like […] More

  • Episode #53: Meltdown in Malta

    In this week’s video, we go to Malta!! And the welcome that we get blows our minds, our ears and our hearts.  Although we were going to stay in Grand Harbour, a very nice subscriber let us use his mooring buoy all throughout our stay in the capital of Malta!  We also just happened to […] More

  • Episode #52: Summertime sailing in Sicily

    In this week’s video, we welcome our first guests onboard, including a fun pair of sisters followed by my little brother and his boyfriend. We have been inviting our friends and family to come visit us onboard ever since we left Stockholm last year. But surprisingly, no one wanted to come and spend their holiday […] More

  • Sailing to Where Money Grew on Trees

    New Video: We sail to a group of islands that have a history of turning sailors into millionaires. Overlooked by a steaming volcano, this is an island where money grew on trees. A successful return voyage to here from Europe would once have set someone up with enough money for life. If you would like […] More

  • #51: Fishing off a sailboat

    There is a reason why fishing is called fishing, and not “catching”.  For the longest time, Ryan and I thought about how we should get into fishing.   But none of us knows how to fish, and also, blood makes me faint between, which makes me a terrible candidate for cleaning a fish. So between […] More

  • #50: 7 days of sailing in Sardinia.

    Buongiorno! This week, we finally reach Italy from Corsica under sail, and make landfall in beautiful Sardinia.  Our time in Sardinia is short but sweet. It starts by a Mistral getting us stuck onboard for a few days before we are finally able to leave Polar Seal and dinghy to shore.  Unfortunately, our anchorage consists […] More

  • Dodging Fishing Fleets Sailing to Indonesia

    Hazardous nets and blindingly bright fishing fleets are just part of the challenge of sailing to Indonesia. Sailing at night is not recommended here but sometimes the distances involved leave us no choice. Following four days sailing offshore, the cultural welcome we are given in the Kai islands is beyond belief.   If you would […] More

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