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    Ep.253 Sailing to Colombia

    It’s time to finally leave San Blas, our home for awhile. Its a bittersweet moment but we are excited for what awaits us. Cartagena is 204 miles from us and Margarida is knocked out asleep, a secondary effect of the seasick pills she took, well she’s not getting seasick Click here for full post: […] More

  • Submerged in Frigid Waters!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 144)

    We get a fishing pot wrapped around our rudder in the Irish Sea….and Matt has to get in frigid waters to free us! In this week’s episode we travel from Bangor, Northern Ireland, to Dublin. Along the way, we wrap a fishing pot around our rudder, and Matt has to Click here for full post: […] More

  • Are We Still Going Forward with the Cat Build? – LIVE CHAT

    We’ve let you know of our plans to build a kit catamaran and the process it takes to complete it. But now the world is facing a pandemic, what will our next steps be? Click here for full post: Twitter: @jjohnson1049 YouTube: MJSailing More

  • The Curse Of Muertos…or Not?

    “Does anyone think it’s ironic that we’re going to wait out a norther in a place called Muertos?”, I asked smugly as we review our travel plans and weather routing back to the Sea of Cortez.  Norther refers to the northern origin of higher wind patterns that in this case More

  • Where did we go wrong?

    Click here for full post: Twitter: @advtradrift YouTube: adventureadriftsailing Instagram: @dventureadrift More

  • Mexican Visa Advice

    We came down to Mexico in November with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019, meaning to go back to the US in late March or early April to visit family and get our Visas renewed for another 180-days in Mexico.  With the descent of COVID-19 upon Mexico and the US, we decided More

  • Sierra Sue Hushaw, Asleep in Our Hearts

    I wonder if it will be raining… should I pack a dress? Does this outfit go together? is black too cliche? As I attempted to piece together outfits to shove into my duffle bag I asked myself what I wanted to be wearing when I said goodbye to my best friend. It was 2:30 on Thursday […] More

  • What Does It Take To BUILD YOUR OWN CATAMARAN? – MJ Sailing

    We have plans to build our own catamaran. And we’re going to take you through the process on how it’s done! Using a Schionning 1200 as an example, we walk you through the steps of what it would take from the time you receive your shipping container full of components, Click here for full post: […] More

  • Ep.251 Preparations to depart to Colombia

    On this week’s episode we go through the preparation for our upcoming trip to Colombia, where we will be doing maintenance on Freedom! Click here for full post: Instagram: @sailingintofreedom YouTube: sailingintofreedom More

  • This Starts the End of Our Cruising Season (MJ Sailing – EP 142)

    After leaving one of the best anchorages we’ve ever spent time in, we need to seriously think about making the trip to our winter berth in Plymouth. Sailing out of the Sound of Mull and back into the Firth of Lorne, we’re now back into the same cruising grounds we Click here for full post: […] More

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