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  • Ep.267 The Secret To Deep Diving | Grand Cayman

    We get some good luck when we meet Natalie and Mark, a professional freediving couple who invite us along for a freedive session, unfolding the secret to deep dive.. The past year and a half Margarida has being having trouble equalizing giving her grief when diving, so today Click here for full post: Instagram: […] More

  • How To Buy The Right Sailboat For You

    Anyone can go out and buy any ole sailboat but buying a sailboat that ticks all the boxes for you might not be so straightforward. This video covers three top tips about how to buy the right sailboat for you. But before you watch it, let me share with you Click here for full post: […] More

  • 6 Essential Tips for New Yacht Owners

    When we started filming our journey it wasn’t just to share our adventure but we also also hoped that we were adding some value to people watching, whether it be that we made them smile and brightened their day, or that we made a huge mistake then fixed it, and they could learn from that […] More

  • Ep.266 Little Cayman Blue Iguanas

    We enjoy our last day at Little Cayman Island where we “borrow” some bikes and explore…we see the famous Blue Iguana and I show you some quality We sail back in the HH catamaran at awesome speed flying the Gennaker for half the trip. IF you are really Click here for full post: Instagram: […] More

  • Ep. 265 Sailing on a multi million dollar Catamaran to Little Cayman

    We get invited by the owner of a brand new HH 55 catamaran to go to Little Cayman Island about 75 miles away…we jump at the chance for a long weekend on a luxury catamaran. The HH55 sails beautifully and we get to Little Cayman in the early evening Click here for full post: […] More

  • Ep. 264 Devils Grotto 😈

    Margarida and I are going to do some cave diving….Margarida wants to see if her ears are working properly and I want to scare the $hit out of myself a bit…..don’t worry I survived devils grotto hence you get see the footage otherwise it will be sitting in my Click here for full post: […] More

  • The Swells Are TOO BIG – Get Me OFF This BOAT!! (MJ Sailing – Ep. 162)

    While in the Helford River, we knew that we were getting Elements scheduled for a survey in Falmouth, and if she sold, this would be our last time out fully enjoying the cruising life. No schedules, just bumming around with friends, and sitting around enjoying sunsets. We take a Click here for full post: […] More

  • THEY DRAGGED INTO US!! (MJ Sailing – EP 161)

    There’s a heavy North Atlantic storm blowing over us, and our neighbor’s anchor chain wrapped right around ours! We prepare ourselves for a restless night as we know a bad storm with sustained winds in the mid 30’s and above will be blowing over us. But just as it’s getting Click here for full post: […] More

  • WE SOLD THE BOAT & We’re Going Home!! – A Quick Real Time Update

    We can’t hold this news in any longer … WE’VE SOLD ELEMENTS!! Without ever officially listing her, we’ve had a few interested buyers. There was one person in particular who was sure this was going to be his new boat, and we wanted to make sure that happened for him! Click here for full post: […] More

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