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  • Building the “COOLEST” Refrigerator

    Since Chris and I moved aboard Avocet three years ago, we noticed that our fresh produce was going bad more quickly than it should and that the fridge compressor was running nearly 24/7, putting unnecessary strain on our batteries. Having finished a majority of our larger refits, including building our new lithium battery bank, we […] More

  • Quick Update

    Hey Everyone, We don’t usually post on Tuesday but we’ve been off the grid and now we’re just about to go back off the grid to check out a favorite anchorage since we’re back in the Loreto area of Baja.  We’ll be up here for a month or so then back More

  • Ep.279 Margarida returns – sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in Cuba

    I am still alone but Margarida is flying back today wooohooo….I am trying to arrange a perfect romantic picnic but things seem to be getting in the way. Click here for full post: Instagram: @sailingintofreedom YouTube: sailingintofreedom More

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Click here for full post: YouTube: It’s A Necessity Facebook: @travellingwithtwointow More

  • Ep. 278 Margarida living it up in Havana! – Worlds apart – Sailing and adventure in Cuba

    We are still on opposite sides of Cuba. Margarida is still with her parents enjoying the sites while I have an easy run back to Cayo Largo in order to be ready to pick Margarida from the Airport. Click here for full post: Instagram: @sailingintofreedom YouTube: sailingintofreedom More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: Happy Easter

    Quincy Dane says “Happy Easter”. We’ve made La Paz finally and look forward to our new lithium batteries this week and getting some engine work. We’ll be here a week then onto more cruising. More

  • 5 Underrated Sailing Channels

    5 Underrated Sailing Channels (In Our Humble Opinion) The constant motion of the rat race can be exhausting; wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, and repeat. Obviously, there are commercial-like disruptions to this otherwise monotonous pattern but what if you could change it all, forever? With the advancement of technology and changing social […] More

  • Gold Memories in Fools Anchorage

    “Deep breaths and eyes on the horizon,” I said to my aunt Alana who was slowly sinking into the cockpit seat, mummifying herself in the Mexican blanket she buried herself in. My uncle John was at the helm beside Chris, both adorned in heavy jackets bracing the crisp wind and water that occasionally splashed up […] More

  • Ep.277 Margarida leaves for Havana, Cuba and I sail away – Sailing and adventure in Cuba

    What can I say? Margarida leaves and I am alone….oh well it’s a sad time but I find a wise moray eel and she becomes my teacher – my moray eel teacher, and it teaches me not to dangle my fingers too close to its mouth….I am not Click here for full post: Instagram: […] More

  • Open Source Marine Auto Pilot

    Read my technical article with a bit of anecdote of course! I’ve hand steered boat sailing on many different bodies of water and I’ll tell you the last place I want to be doing it is while sailing offshore at 4 AM past the Savanah River where the AIS display Click here for full post: […] More

  • Moving North

    No post today cause we’re moving north, Isla Isabel then on to Mazatlan Old Harbor to wait out a northerly. I’ve got numerous stories nearly written, so with time in Mazatlan I’ll get them out and published. Have a great weekend and Make sure to check out Quincy’s post tomorrow. More

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