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  • How You Can Easily Create Sailing Checklists (To Prevent Boating Failures)

    Within this article, you’ll learn how to create checklists to avoid failure. What kind of failure?! Engine failure, passage planning mistakes, safety screw-ups, cleanliness disasters, just to name a few.  Checklists will help you to become more organized, motivated to get things done, get things done quicker and more efficiently, Click here for full post: […] More

  • How To: Stern To Med Mooring – 8 Easy Steps!

    Follow this eight-point checklist to successfully complete a stern to med mooring procedure when using a mooring ball. Watch the video and follow the checklist. When you go out to practice the procedure yourself you’ll be more prepared to do it successfully. Stern-to mooring is referred to as Med mooring Click here for full post: […] More

  • How To Find A Boat Buddy

    We’ve always found our boat buddies on the go. We’ll enter an anchorage, share a beverage with the adults, kids go off to play and the rest is history. Learning how to find a boat buddy doesn’t take long! Failing a meeting in an anchorage, there are so many online Click here for full post: […] More

  • The Top 10 Benefits To Sailing With A Buddy Boat

    A buddy boat is when you find a friend or family that lives on a boat to buddy up with.  Many boaters make friendships in anchorages and some decided to do passages together. In some cases, a couple or group of boats might even sail the whole season together heading Click here for full post: […] More

  • How To Make A VHF Radio Call

    Most new VHF radio users get their initial experience by calling another person or a marina. After making a few calls, using the VHF radio becomes second nature – just like using the telephone. Here are six easy steps on how to make a VHF Radio call, a video and Click here for full post: […] More

  • Cruisers Checklist To Surviving A Virus Outbreak

    Similar to planning for a long ocean crossing, the checklist for surviving a virus outbreak has similarities. The objective is to make sure you can last as long as possible in the most self-sufficient manner and have redundancy plans. Of course, passages may take up to a month but this Click here for full post: […] More

  • Where Can We Sail To Avoid COVID-19?

    Where can we sail to avoid COVID-19 pandemic? We have the freedom to hoist our white flappy things, let them fill with air and head in any direction – don’t we? We can sail to an island/country that doesn’t have the virus yet. We can head for a deserted island. Click here for full post: […] More

  • Life With The COVID-19 Pandemic – A Channel Update

    A couple of days ago Simon and I recorded a video to update you as to our current situation. We cover where we are, what’s going on and what our plans are. It seems that there’s a load of information out there – some of it is scary and some Click here for full post: […] More

  • The COVID-19 Silver Lining For Cruisers?

    Quite a few of my fellow cruisers are in the same boat as Simon, Sienna and me. We all had plans to go somewhere – to island-hop or progress through a series of countries. To head east or west or north or south. Some of us had specific end destinations Click here for full post: […] More

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