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    Security During Lockdown

    On April 1st 2020, the Malaysian Movement Control Order was extended and security tightened. The private Sutera Harbour Marina and Country Club estate, which spans approximately 1.6 square kilometers, employs 100 security personnel to manage the marina, golf course and private residences on this reclaimed land. <img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-46463" class="size-full wp-image-46463" Click here for full post: […] More

  • The cat sat on the plait mat

    Like most sailing channels, we are quite a long way behind in our coverage on YouTube, so this is where we pick up at the beginning of Millie’s fight to survive against an unknown illness. Little did we know we were in for the long haul and for many more Click here for full post: […] More

  • Have you got a bicycle on your sailboat?

    Should every sailboat have a bicycle? Well, maybe not if it’s a racing yacht or if your superyacht already has its own helicopter. But for cruisers, we reckon a bicycle on a sailboat is a necessity. A typical ride with Jamie at the saddle… Folding bikes don’t take up much Click here for full post: […] More

  • Marina Life During Lockdown

    On March 18th, the Malaysian government instigated the Movement Control Order. This has many implications but for us, in Sutera Harbour Marina, life goes on. This was a one-hour photography project I set myself to briefly document our lives in the marina during this time. I used a Sony A7iii Click here for full post: […] More

  • When we work as a team we can cross oceans and stop viruses

    As you all know, we are already in virtual lockdown in the marina on Borneo. Now we read that many countries on the other side of the world are finally implementing movement-restriction and shelter-at-home orders. Where are you reading this? Are you social-distancing, self-isolating? How seriously are you taking Click here for full post: […] More

  • Gunung Mulu National Park

    What’s the opposite of sailing? Jungle walking on a mountain, of course! And Gunung Mulu National Park is just the place to do it. We spent three days walking through the tropical rainforest of Sarawak in central Borneo at this UNESCO site. It was the perfect place for some R&R Click here for full post: […] More

  • Nowhere to run

    It’s a pretty day in Sabah today, with a light breeze and blue skies. And oh so silent. There’s no-one here because the marina has closed. No guests, no staff, no restaurants; lights out. Is it the same where you are? The world is falling silent as we Click here for full post: Twitter: […] More

  • Look what Millie brought us!

    Millie had heard about the panic buying and was worried we were not getting enough food, so last night she brought us a present. At 1.30am we were woken up by lots of “brrrrrrrps!!” When Liz turned on the light, there she was, half way up the bed nudging a Click here for full post: […] More

  • 24 hours before lockdown

    Mindful of the evolving situation around the world with Covid-19, we started to become more concerned about our situation. With our Malaysian visas running out in less than two weeks, we weighed up our options. Read on or watch the full episode by clicking here: We were already stir Click here for full post: […] More

  • After an eventful crossing, we arrive in Borneo!

    There’s just 100 miles to go on this long trip from Anambas to Borneo. When we arrive we’ll be starting work on upgrading and general maintenance to SY Esper. But first we must navigate for the next 22 hours through oil and gas rigs. And we need to time Click here for full post: […] More

  • How do you prepare for a lightning strike on a sailboat?

    After our recent 500 mile crossing where we encountered our worst storms at sea in 13 years, we talk about tactics for avoiding and sailing through lightning storms. Lightning can strike from up to 15 miles away with a force of 30,000,000 volts, so what do you do when you’re Click here for full post: […] More

  • Coronavirus and how it’s affecting the cruising community

    This is not a debate about whether Covid-19 is going to kill you, or whether it’s nothing to get your knickers in a twist about. And we will not be giving any space to the conspiracy theories popping up like Whac-A-Mole around the internet. At the time of filming, 3rd Click here for full post: […] More

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