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  • 101. Lead Pour Distaster

    In this episode we attempt to slightly enlarge the lead ballast keel by pouring a layer of molten lead on top of it. Before we actually pour I discuss the reasons for doing this and we fabricate a large “pig” to melt the lead in. Unfortunately when we actually pour the molten lead things do […] More

  • 100. Rebuilding Tally Ho – UP TO NOW!

    We look back at all the work that got this project to where it is now, from the very first glimpse of Tally Ho 4 years ago right up to her present condition as an almost fully rebuilt hull. I answer a few questions about the project and talk about some exciting plans for the […] More

  • 99.Painting the hull!

    In this episode, we – you guessed it – paint the boat. This video features some of the most satisfying blue-tape peeling footage ever to have existed! We also explain how we find the waterline, why we don’t want to varnish the planks, why we haven’t filled the seams yet, and so on. Pancho observes, […] More

  • 98. Scallop-carving / new crew / guide coat!

    In this episode we welcome Megan and Patrick to the crew, and then continue with fairing the hull and preparing to move the boat! As well as organising a new workshop and place to live, we start deconstructing the boat-shed and lofting floor. Meanwhile, I carve the scallops into the prop aperture area that will […] More

  • 97. Torture-boards, Plugs, Varnish!

    In this episode we work towards sealing up the timber of the hull, inside and out. First we varnish the interior of the boat, using a traditional varnish that should hopefully hold up for decades. Then we get a serious workout with some good-old-fashioned “torture-boards”, we glue and trim plugs, and we get a little […] More

  • 96. Caulking (Corking?!) the Hull

    This episode is all about Caulking (or Corking, depending on your location). I start by visiting Port Townsend, which has an unusual number of very skilled and proficient Corkers. We briefly discuss the history of Caulking and we meet Brad from the Port Townsend Shipwright’s Coop, who is putting together a crew to help us […] More

  • 95. Fairing the Hull / Next steps

    In this episode we take on the glamorous and exciting job of fairing the hull! We start with power-planes and then use a variety of grinders and sanders for our initial fairing, taking off the worst of the high spots and shaping the outside of the boat into a smooth curve. Fairing can be a […] More

  • 94.2 Bonus Planking Timelapse

    I took a bunch of photographs from various different angles while we were planking TALLY HO, and intended to create a time-lapse for the previous video – but it was more work than I anticipated and I did not get it finished in time. So I’m releasing it as a standalone bonus video! I hope […] More

  • 94. Hanging the Whisky Plank

    In this episode we hang the last of the regular planks and start making “shutter planks” – the planks that fill a gap between already fastened areas of planking above and below. These require more careful patterning, but are extremely satisfying to hammer into place if they fit properly – but will they?! Before we […] More

  • 93. County Problem Solved?! / Goodbye Rosie

    Okay, we have a lot of BIG news! These developments only really happened yesterday, so this is fresh off the press, and I was up all night finishing this video. It seems we might have resolved our issues with the county, but we are going to have to make some big changes – which will […] More

  • 92. County Issues / Sheer Strake

    After the snowstorm last week, we start this video with Tally Ho full of snow! But it quickly melts and we get back to the business of cutting and hanging planks. I make some blocks to go between the sheer strake and the beam shelf in the bow, and then pattern and make the sheer […] More

  • 91.2 Planking the Hull (Part 2)

    In this second part of the video we continue to hang more planks on the boat, getting closer and closer to closing up all the gaps and making the hull watertight. We discuss more questions that have been asked about planking, and an adventurous chicken closely inspects our work. Matt explains the new Butt-Block clamp, […] More

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