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  • We Sailed 912 Nautical Miles to get here. Giddy up (#267)

    #267 “I don’t get blown away like this ever, I’m a jaded old traveller…” It was all worth it. Out in the middle of the Atlantic is a paradise we can barely describe and we’re so lucky to be here given that 2020 was, well, a 2020 of Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Most PAINFUL Virus Test.. and then WE’RE FREE to Explore! (#266)

    “I think I’m missing certain parts of my memory, I think they’re stuck to a cotton swab…” Look it’s not the most pleasant of welcomes, but we’re happy to prove we’re not harbouring the virus. Because the Azores, guys! Finally! These are truly some unique islands, volcanic mountains Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • I can smell land! FINALLY Made it to the AZORES ISLANDS! (#265)

    “I’ve never been this sick before…” It’s pretty rough when you have some bad seasickness which you can’t escape. Lenny and Riley at the helm as we wrangle some bad weather at the very first stretch of our foray into the Atlantic. The Azores better be worth it! Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • WORST Decision to Leave.. Gail Force Winds and 800 Miles to go (#264)

    It’s all sun and games on the coast. Sheltered coves, predictable winds, calm sleep. We had some really good times in the Portuguese summer, it’s been great. But something makes us wanna go out into the big wild Atlantic, out of the protection and peace. Into the waves Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • We Turned Back. Things BROKE at Sea!(#263)

    #263 “No, it was a sea trial.” We tried. We really did. All the stars were aligning with weather and timing, stocked and ready for our launch into the Atlantic. But when you’re taking to the steering pulleys with a saw, just as you get underway, it’s probably Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • BACK TOGETHER AGAIN 💕 Ready to take on the 7 Seas (#262)

    Escape on your own adventure. Use our code: SLV20 and receive 10% off sailboat/power cat charters. Visit here for more information. [Episode 262] Yes we’re back, we’ve hit the big refresh button and great to have the gang back together. A big thanks to those of you Click here for full post: YouTube: Sailing […] More

  • We Need Some Time Apart (#261)

    Life in close quarters can be full on when you’re carting your life around on a boat together, so we’re spending a bit of time apart as we head back westwards along southern Portugal. We want to take the varnish off and speak our mind about some issues Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • BOAT LIFE: The last of BABY PROOFING and Boat Maintenance (#260)

    Beautiful Portugal continues to deliver, exploring Alcoutim and the Guadiana, a place with a rich history and a totally tranquil atmosphere. We welcome back some friends to La Vaga and we’re making the most of it. We go full-engineer mode on-board in preparation for our future westwards journeys Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • RIVER RATS. Life on La Vagabonde in the Guadiana River! (#259)

    Get this: water, right, but without salt in it. Weird right? Yeah and like, no massive waves, you can wash in it. I think they call it a ‘river’. That and the beautiful countryside of Portugal, no wonder people never want to leave the Guadiana. We might struggle Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • We nearly CRASHED into this Bridge!

    Subscribe to our Vaga Bella Swim newsletter for updates and follow us on Instagram (@vaga.bella.swim) #258 With every space launch, even millions of hours of scientific and technical analysis and engineering may not prevent disaster. We’re taking La Vaga headfirst to a unique problem for us: a low Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Pretending the World’s not Falling Apart like:

    #257 We take our first steps inland, our first river sail in Europe. The Guadiana river is our beautiful backdrop today, getting some jobs sorted out and taking stock of the crazy year so far. Also, where’d we leave the tender again? Oh yeah, down that wall, in Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • BOAT LIFE: A Coupla Aussies NAVIGATING Southern Portugal Ep 256

    #256 Join us for a quick sail from Fuseta to Tavira to catch up with our German friend Jan. It’s interesting (and sad) to see the changes throughout the world due to unsustainable fishing practices. It’s a good reminder to ensure the fish you eat is produced under Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

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