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  • WE HAVE MASSIVE NEWS.. 🥳❤️ [#284]

    Join us for our arrival into Madeira. It comes with all the new complicated signing in processes that come with living with the big C word. It was super exciting just to get a chance to get our taste buds on to something warm after having no gas Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Can you Cook Eggs on an Engine? And We’re SELLING LA VAGABONDE! [#283]

    We’re getting physics-al out on the open water. We’re pondering some of Isaac Newton’s thoughts, talking you through some quick wind-sail-rudder calibration mathematics and using the laws of thermodynamics to try circumvent busted stoves. And when all else fails, sometimes you have to go full Rocky when you’ve Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Preparing the boat for a 500 mile crossing | MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO here we come! [#282]

    Join us as we enjoy the fruits Sao Miguel has to offer. It’s actually a quick stopover as we prepare for our journey to Madeira. It’s only a 3-4 day sail but we want it to go smoothly. We’ve been sailing for over 5 years now and would Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • BAD WEATHER before we disembark on a voyage south. 🧭 [#281]

    We’re in the not-so-terrible position of being stuck on the Azores. Our old foe The Weather has delayed our departure for Madeira but nevertheless we’re making the most of it. Join us for some roaming around on Faial and some of our last moments on the Azores for Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • RACE to top of Volcano. Loser gets whipped by a drone [#280]

    Race to the top of Mount Pico, the highest mountain of Portugal, at 2,351 metres above sea level, and is one of the highest Atlantic mountains; it is more than twice the elevation of any other peak in the Azores. Due to Lenny not quite ready to be Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • From Sea to Sky. Paragliding for the first time! [#279]

    We’re sooooo excited to get in the air. Our friends have come to the Azores and on their expert advice we’re heading to the mountainous Pico Island to get the perfect conditions to paraglide. BUT…….. if there’s one thing that’s more weather-dependent as sailing, it’s paragliding. And knowing Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • The time we were offered 10 MILLION DOLLARS.. (and also we go freediving) [#278]

    Crazy right? Would you have replied to the email? Are we naive to think it could have been real? We’ll never truely know what went on there. We’re out on the island of Faial. We’re going freediving, making sure we’re following the local rules and regulations, and we’re Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • BOAT LIFE: Heading back out to Sea (#277)

    This is boat life and we’re getting our life on the road again and hitting the waves. After some truly Top Gun piloting from yours truly to escape the marina, we’re on our way to the next of the beautiful Azores Islands, Faial. As usual the wind is Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Is this bad parenting?(#276)

    It’s truly one of the best walks we have done. What is this place?? We go on a massive descent down the hills of Sao Jorge, hiking on to a little surf village. The Azores have been dotted by these beautiful settlements by the sea but this one Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Spearfishing in the Azores Islands (Elayna 2, Riley 0) #275

    Utterly perfect day for a spot of spearfishing don’t ya think? We get the full Azores spearfishing experience with our new doctor friends, we’ve traded sails for engines and we’re speeding around some of the best spots here in the middle of the Atlantic. Yep there’s still fish Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • She doesn’t want to sail anymore..

    Seasickness….. It really messes with your head but fingers crossed we can resolve it and get back to the glory days of not feeling ill on sail. It certainly doesn’t worry Lenny. Sometimes you just gotta go for it, change it up, break some plans. Sometimes to keep Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

  • Day 2,184 of Sailing Around the World | BOAT LIFE

    That’s a lot of days of sailing. Hope we calculated that correctly….Join us back in the Azores as we slowly make our way towards Sao Jorge! We catch up with Pete who you might remember helped us out with some rigging back in this episode and Andre gets Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More

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