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  • Yard Time- Check Your Attitude Mate

    We’re back in the yard – Can I get three cheers for the fourth time in a year of boatyard dwelling?  Woot Woot Woot!!!  This time I must say the surrounding scenery is much nicer;  we didn’t have to travel very far or better yet, be towed to get here; More

  • Quincy’s Corner: Unexpected Rivals

    Tulum’s been hauled out for 5 days with 2-3 more days expected, so there’s no way Quincy the Boat Dog (a Great Dane) could be writing this column today if she’s stuck in the kennel.  So I’m helping her out this morning with a bit of writing because she’s asked More

  • Kids Corner: Swimming With GIANTS

    Kids Corner is a feature on this website and blog that my 10-year old writes as weekly post about whatever’s on her mind at the time.  We do this to allow her to have a voice on the website and get her to correspond with other kids around the world More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: She Sleeps Well, I Sleep Well

    Welcome to Great Dane on a Boat, in which Quincy the Great Dane pontificates on whatever she wants to discuss for the day.  Quincy is a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat.  This is her Sunday space to discuss dog issues and Great Dane thoughts with all of you. More

  • Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy’s Happy Place

    Quincy the Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a sailboat in San Diego while we prepare to get under way heading south…semi-permanently.  She lives with her adult and kid people’s who feed and walk her and she occasionally barks at dock strangers when she’s awake.   In More

  • Smaller Projects Take Up Time Too

    I’m finding that smaller projects take up as much time as large complex projects, especially when there’s (2) of us now involved with the daily decision making.  I’m good with that…I’m really, really good with my wife helping with day to day decisions now that she’s retired but it tends More

  • Kids Corner: SKY, A Favorite Computer Game

    “Hey ya’ll. I’m back! We leave for school in 25 minutes, so I gotta hurry. It’s really cool that we still get to have internet {at the moment}. My favorite game is called Sky: Children Of Light. Its this game where you collect golden spirits and you get wings! Then More

  • Provisioning Has Started

      Today as I’m writing this post, we STILL don’t have an engine in the boat (its been four {4} weeks since it was taken out) and our sails were shipped yesterday…so we’re still hoping to leave on 04 Nov.  With this in mind, we’ve started our initial provisioning of More

  • Kid Corner: Thoughts on Composting Toilets?

    “Soo…we are leaving in a month. I’ll update u. school has started, and it’s the end of September. School is SOOOO boaring. Dad is provisioning up. I actually thought that he had things under control……until he got 50 of these little sugar cubes that were actually stuff to start fires. More

  • Happy….”Talk Like A Pirate Day”?

    Well, that favorite internationally celebrated holiday is finally upon us…Sept 19th is one of our favorite holidays.  “Talk Like A Pirate Day” brings us cool pirate outfits and gear, excuses to drink rum, wine, beer and other spirits and eat whatever we can dream up that’s anywhere close to “piraty”. More

  • Baja Ha-Ha 2018 Through My Camera Lense (Casting Off The Docklines)

    Gotta be honest….after meeting with our mechanics and hearing that they probably won’t make the 4-week deadline (we had originally been quoted) for fixing our sailboat engine, my motivation was lower than usual.  In reality, if the engine isn’t fixed by November 4th we’re still going down Baja whenever it More

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