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    Punta Chivato

    There should be no surprise when I tell you that cruising fosters a special community. We cross paths with so many like minded individuals, spending anywhere from hours to months together if our plans align. When we inevitably sail our separate ways, we are grateful that we are able to stay connected through social media […] More

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    Feb 22, 2024- February Activities

    February has been pretty busy, we’ve been sailing, we had things to do like fix the car door handle which broke off, there were visitors on board Wings, and all sorts of things. Check out some more photos here. wingssail images-fredrick roswold First look at new Genoa wingssail images-marilyn gibbFred More

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    Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur

    After an exhilarating 150-nautical-mile sail from Refugio, the sight of Santa Rosalia’s breakwater felt like a beacon of hope amidst the tumultuous seas. With the wind howling in the 30s, we rode the 5 foot waves into the tiny harbor, maneuvering cautiously before finally securing our vessel to the dock in a side-tie configuration. Initially, […] More

  • Puerto Refugio, Isla Angel de le Guarda

    Our first sail of the season felt like a personal “welcome back” from Poseidon and Zephyrus themselves as the sea was calm and wind was fine. After a wonderful 105 nm jaunt south, we set our hook in Refugio anchorage on Isla Angel de le Guarda around 8:00 am, a truly epic place to spend […] More

  • First Sail of the Season

    Peñasco – Isla Ángel de le Guarda Jan 23, 2024 As our friends bid us farewell from the hauling way, tears welled up in our eyes and their cheers echoed in the air. Soon all that could be heard was the rumble of our Perkins diesel and the promise of wind whispering through our rigging. […] More

  • The Haul Out: Take 2

    The connection between vessel and crew is a tale as old as time, and for those of us who live aboard their vessels the bond goes only deeper. With that in mind, I am sure you can imagine how good it felt to return to Avocet after a six month stint on terra firma – […] More

  • December 26, 2023-Tamale Party at Rene’s

    At Christmas time Rene loves to have a party at her place to make tamales. She and her friends make dozens, many of which get frozen for sharing with her friends or for eating later, but if you are lucky enough to get invited to the party you get to More

  • 20231122-Blissfull Sailing with Heiko and Martina

    For four months Heiko and Martina were my neighbors and I watched them work and work and work on their Bliss, their Columbia 45 sailboat.  That boat needed a lot of attention and refurbishment before they could go sailing and frankly they were getting rather tired of the drudgery tied More

  • Adios Avocet – The Haul Out

    Peñasco Party – Part One Hauling out was different this time. Our life was even more-so weaved into the boat, and we were in an entirely different country. Haul Time  The last time Avocet was on dry land was in 2020, when we hauled out just days before the world shut down leaving just the […] More

  • 20231011-The day after the Storm

    wingssail images-fredrick roswold Mexican Chicken Dinner I got through Hurricane Lidia. No problems except my shattered emotions from being alone during the storm. Nothing to see here, move along. Today I put Wings back together (after the hurricane preps) and walked over to dock 9 to measure a boat for More

  • The Last 100 Miles to Peñasco

    Here’s Where Things Get Interesting Although Chris and I are accustomed to being on the go, constantly, our 3 month “break” in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle truly felt like we had started to settle down. We knew all the places to eat, the bartenders knew our names (for better or worse) and we had made […] More

  • Isla Coronado

    If there’s one thing that sailing adventures thus far have taught us, it’s that some places are simply destined to leave a mark on your heart. Isla Coronado, a hidden gem in the vast expanse of Mexico’s coastal beauty, is one such place that made not only our fifth wedding anniversary but also our 2023 […] More

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