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  • Finding FREEDOM – Sailing out of Lockdown

    After 5 months in isolation we are finally allowed to sail and explore the local area. Exploring deserted tropical beaches and sailing to the local town to do our own shopping has never felt so liberating. Our circumnavigation is still on hold but we can now escape our isolation anchorage and explore some of Indonesia’s […] More

  • Ep.267 The Secret To Deep Diving | Grand Cayman

    We get some good luck when we meet Natalie and Mark, a professional freediving couple who invite us along for a freedive session, unfolding the secret to deep dive.. The past year and a half Margarida has being having trouble equalizing giving her grief when diving, so today Click here for full post: Instagram: […] More

  • The Shoes Cruisers Actually Need Onboard

    Do you need all those shoes in your closet when you start cruising? Learn how I travel with 3 pairs of shoes. [More] The Shoes Cruisers Actually Need Onboard Click here for full post: Twitter: @theboatgalley More

  • Culture Change Boosts Empire Level’s Tool Manufacturing

    A transformation in management and culture at Empire Level, combined with an investment for future growth, revitalizes a 97-year-old tool-manufacturing company. By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc.—Reporting for Maintenance Technology Magazine For Empire Level, giving new life to a company that was family owned for five generations is more than an investment. Click here for […] More

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    Ep.110- All in a Days Work

    Patreon Bonfire Paypal Click here for full post: YouTube: Salt & Tar Instagram: @saltandtar More

  • Extreme discomfort

    I have gone to bed starving every night for over a month. The hunger pains are so bad it physically … Continue reading → The post Extreme discomfort appeared first on Art of Hookie. Click here for full post: YouTube: Art Of Hookie More

  • Sun Protection While Sailing

    Now that we’re back in Texas and living on land, we’ve been visiting friends (with social distance) and seeing our doctors. I’ve actually had two comments: Friend: Ya’ll don’t LOOK like you’ve spent six years out in the sun. My PCP: Your skin looks great. What sunscreen do you use? Click here for full post: […] More

  • TORNADO and … BIG BARRACUDA! Sailing to Grenada

    We’ve reached the Caribbean. In the last episode, we sailed a long way from South America, today we invite you to some of our favorite cruising grounds in the Grenadines . But sailing life is full of adventures. We run into a waterspout, I stick my finger into a spinning winch, and our engine stops […] More

  • How much does it cost to sail around the world?

    It’s the question we get asked most, and as we started living full time on our sailboat in 2006, we reckon we’ve amassed enough experience to give a useful answer. So here’s our way of planning a cruising budget to help those of you who are thinking of Click here for full post: Twitter: […] More

  • A Conversation With TeakGuard’s Deb

    Why to use TeakGuard, how to apply it, and what exactly makes this so easy to use.  [More] A Conversation With TeakGuard’s Deb Click here for full post: Twitter: @theboatgalley More

  • How To Buy The Right Sailboat For You

    Anyone can go out and buy any ole sailboat but buying a sailboat that ticks all the boxes for you might not be so straightforward. This video covers three top tips about how to buy the right sailboat for you. But before you watch it, let me share with you Click here for full post: […] More

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