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  • We sailed into a SWIMMING POOL! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.246

    After 3 busy days in Bermuda we decide to move Delos to one of the most beautiful anchorages we have seen! It seriously felt like we sailed into a swimming pool! After settling into our new neighborhood we celebrate Ruben becoming a man (turning 20), head to some magical caves Click here for full post: […] More

  • BERMUDA after 7 days at SEA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 245

    After 7 days at Sea we sail into the beautiful waters of BERMUDA!!! We knew so very little about this place before arriving, but instantly fell in love with it’s cool history & friendly people! After being greeted by our “official Bermudian welcoming party”, we take advantage of land life Click here for full post: […] More

  • FAQ: Lithium Battery Monitoring, Electrical Repair Kit, and 24V vs 12V DC

    This is a series of questions asked by our patrons about Lithium batteries, solar charging, and electrical sailboat items in general. This series of videos covers the following questions: What are some of the heavy draw electrical items on Delos? What can be run directly off the batteries and inverters? Click here for full post: […] More

  • System Overview for solar, wind, and lithium batteries – Electrical Boat Tech

    A compete, high level view of the electrical system on a modern cruising sailboat. I put together a gigantic diagram and talk in detail about each component of the system, and how everything interacts to supply the electrical demand on a modern cruising sailboat. Topics covered in this video: Click here for full post: […] More

  • LOOK what you’re MISSING OUTSIDE! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 242

    BEHIND THE SCENES ON INSTAGRAM! @svdelos Squall after squall roll over Delos as we head off the coast of Florida, but despite the windless holes they leave us in- we’re still able to travel 5 knots over ground thanks to the Gulf Stream!! The crew adjusts to life at sea, Click here for full post: […] More

  • Whale Strike on a Sailboat -What If you hit a whale while sailing??

    Tweet It is actually extremely rare that a whale intentionally sinks a sailboat. But an accidental collision with a whale can leave a sailboat damaged and cause the loss of its rudder. It does seem though, that there is an increase in incidences of sailboats hitting whales. Part of that… Click here for full post: […] More

  • Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean!? Capt. Brady at the helm! EP 241

    **Delos BEER KOOZIES now available!** After a month at the dock we are ready to do a BIG provision run and check the last items off the to-do list. When then cast the lines and head off into the Atlantic Ocean, next stop Bermuda! BIG THANKS to JIM for Click here for full post: […] More

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