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  • BIG WAVES and GALE FORCE WINDS mid-ocean

    HAIR RAISING WHITE WATER SAILING. Offshore passages across the north Atlantic Ocean are not easy, depressions frequently sweep across the area bringing gale force winds and steep seas. The forecast was for windy weather, but what we actually got was a gale. If you would like to support the making of these blog posts and […] More

  • BOAT TOUR Mid-Ocean

    Is this the PERFECT BLUE WATER SAILING YACHT? This boat has carried us 50,000 miles across 5 oceans and been our full time home for over 7 years. Take a look around Florence underway at sea and see how life onboard differs out on the ocean to at anchor. If you would like to support […] More

  • IS THIS A MISTAKE? Restarting our North Atlantic Crossing

    Have we made the right decision? After an anxious 2 weeks staring at the weather files we THINK we have found an opportunity to leave. We won’t know if we have made the right decision for 2 weeks, IF we arrive safely in The Azores, between here and there we have nearly 2000 miles of […] More

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    Florence Homecoming Invite – Come and see us sail in

    After 50,000 miles, 5 major ocean crossings and 7 years away, we are coming home. FLORENCE HOMECOMING Date: 23rd September Location: Port Solent Marina, Portsmouth Harbour The Plan for the day: 1000: Florence will start at Prince Consort cardinal in the Solent and sail to Portsmouth Harbour All are welcome to sail along with us/escort […] More

  • Pit-stop for REPAIRS MID-OCEAN

    Stopping to repair Florence in the middle of the ocean, the tiny remote island of Bermuda offers a temporary refuge to offshore ocean sailors. Once we have repaired Florence and readied her to sail on to the Azores we found time to explore this tiny island hundreds of miles from anywhere. If you would like […] More

  • Ocean Sailing – The Rough with the Smooth

    After a seasickness inducing rough few days sailing from Bahamas to Bermuda we finally get to enjoy the beauty of ocean sailing. BUT it is not going to last and we have to use this time to prepare Florence for strong headwinds to come which will have us bashing to windward out in the middle […] More

  • North Atlantic Crossing – WE’RE LEAVING

    This ocean crossing DOES NOT START WELL. It is time to point Florence east for the first time on this sailing circumnavigation. It is time to re-cross the North Atlantic Ocean, our 5th major ocean crossing. We will face headwinds, strong winds, and calms in our bid to complete this 4000 mile offshore ocean passage […] More

  • The BEST SAILING destination in the WORLD?

    We sailed days out of our way to get here but was it worth it? After sailing 46,000 miles around the world, have we now found the best sailing destination? The shallow, azure waters of The Bahamas provide a breathtaking backdrop. Navigating around uninhabited islands and shallow reefs, we stop off to visit the locals […] More

  • She Sails in Shallow Seas

    Running aground is a constant risk when Sailing in the Bahamas, but navigating over the shallow sandbanks with turquoise waters for miles around makes it worth while. In the rarely visited outer islands we find stunning deserted beaches all to ourselves before we visit Deans blue hole, the second deepest blue hole in the world. […] More

  • Sometimes SAILING SUCKS

    Sailing Offshore for 4 days to our final country in the Caribbean, WHY DO WE DO THIS? Seasickness strikes before we face the challenge of a narrow and shallow reef passage between us and the smooth lagoon waters. If you would like to support the making of these blog posts and videos you can do […] More

  • Come SAIL WITH US in the BVI

    Too busy to enjoy, too crowded to anchor and too expensive to have fun? The British Virgin Islands are a mecca for sailing holidays, but is it worth taking your own boat there? We set out to find out and invite some friends along to help us. If you would like to support the making […] More

  • DON’T SAIL HERE they said | Boatlife of the rich and famous

    Exclusive playground of the rich and famous, St Barts in the Caribbean hosts superyachts and high fashion shops. We were told not to visit as there would be nothing for us there, but we went anyway. Join us as we get an eyeful of the life of the rich and famous, along with finding a […] More

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