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  • Post Refit BOAT TOUR

    Tour our refitted BLUE WATER OCEAN SAILBOAT. Look inside and see what has changed after a mammoth refit and how we have prepared her for her next challenge. We have applied what we have learned over 50,000 miles of offshore sailing onboard, and over 7 years of the liveaboard lifestyle. We post content and real […] More

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    The Final Push to Launch | Sailing Florence Refit

    The final push to get out of the boatyard and re-float Florence for the next adventure. If we miss this tide we will be STUCK HERE FOR ANOTHER MONTH! We have to: Make her watertight; Leave the shed; Put the mast up; Re-rig her; Finish the electrical Installation; and Launch. Extra content and real time […] More

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    Fixing our BIGGEST PROBLEM

    The most difficult repair job yet, fitting 9m lengths of straight aluminum toe rail to Florence’s curves. This job had us worried… As if that wasn’t enough we also replace our windows and our steering! If you would like to support the making of these blog posts and videos you can do so via paypal […] More

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    We RUINED our BOAT

    Wrecking our boat was the painful first stage of fixing her problems so that we can set sail once more. 8 years ago we were searching for a boat to to take us around the world. But within that search most boats had major problems which were way outside of our budget, experience, and timescale […] More

  • BROKEN by Ocean Sailing | 50,000 miles later

    Repairing Florence ready for the next adventure. 50,000 miles of offshore ocean sailing has taken its toll on our boat. We take Florence into the boat yard and strip her out for a survey. The result is a daunting list of work that we need to do ourselves before we can re-launch Florence and set […] More

  • THE END of SAILING FLORENCE around the world?

    This is it, the final leg, sailing home to an unbelievable welcome. As we sailed past the iconic needles and back into the Solent, 7 years and 50,000 ocean sailing miles after we left, it brought out a lot of emotions in us. Being joined by hundreds of our followers, friends and family both on […] More

  • SAILOR’S EMOTIONAL RETURN after 7 years at sea

    Sailing back to the exact point we left the UK 7 years ago to sail around the world brought forth a lot of emotions. Coupled with meeting family for the first time in 6.5 years, and visiting stunning anchorages on England’s South Coast, it was an emotional return. If you would like to support the […] More

  • Sailing Tropical England – The Isles of Scilly

    Sailing through beautiful turquoise waters and anchoring off white sand beaches, these stunning islands look almost tropical but with the benefit of a few home comforts. Join us as we explore this cruising mecca surprisingly close to home. If you would like to support the making of these blog posts and videos you can do […] More


    Dodging fishing boats to catch our own fresh fish for dinner as we sail across the ocean, and our first glimpse of England since we set sail over 7 years ago. If you would like to support the making of these blog posts and videos you can do so via paypal here or by becoming […] More

  • FORCED to LEAVE | Seeking Safe Harbour

    After a 12 day Atlantic crossing we thought we were safe, BUT but an approaching storm is forcing us to leave and seek shelter on another island 140 miles away. Sailing through the night to the island of Horta in the Azores we find a stunning island to explore. If you would like to support […] More

  • WOW – You MUST SEE this island!

    After battling some rough and raw weather across the North Atlantic Ocean we have made landfall in a remote and rugged paradise. A mystical land where nature rules. It holds a history of transfixing sailors with its beauty, yet few have been able to stay. After a brief respite from the open ocean, our challenge […] More

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