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  • Two Weeks…and SO Many Stories

    First, Happy New Year.  I didn’t even do a New Year’s Post, but you’ll understand why when you read the rest.  I haven’t written much since last year (two More

  • Happy….”Talk Like A Pirate Day”?

    Well, that favorite internationally celebrated holiday is finally upon us…Sept 19th is one of our favorite holidays.  “Talk Like A Pirate Day” brings us cool pirate outfits and gear, excuses to drink rum, wine, beer and other spirits and eat whatever we can dream up that’s anywhere close to “piraty”. More

  • Short List of Recommended Professionals-

    For years we’ve lamented the service level in the marine industry in various places we’ve had our boats, always trying to use business’s that give us great service.  I honestly try NOT to use outside help cause I want to try to do my own work, but when I can’t, More

  • Rebuilding Our Aging Sailboat Engine- Gotta Start Somewhere-

    The 120HP Ford-Lehman workhorse of an engine in our 1977 Aleutian 51 Ketch seized just off Catalina Island, Ca several weeks ago, unable to be restarted and requiring in a very long tow back to San Diego.  As a result, we were hoping to have the mechanics from VB Engineering More

  • Nightwatch: Barbi vs Sleeping Beauty!

    Barbi versus Sleeping Beauty….who would you rather have on night watch?  Let me explain.  Last time we were out for a night run, I snapped pictures of both Barbi and Sleeping Beauty as they came off their night watches…and what a difference.  Barbi had obviously done her hair, makeup and More

  • Equipment and Personal Milestones- A Very Long week!

    This was a great big fun week.  Sometimes the milestones to accomplish the end goal are thrown at you all at once, like they were this past week. First, my wife retired after working for the same organization for 22 years.  She may decide to eventually go back to work, More

  • All Dressed Up For the 4th

    This Fourth of July was special for us as we’re both about to be retired and we’re heading out of the US soon, thus we’re not sure when we’re gonna be in this country again for another 4th.  Like a match made in heaven, we were invited by the Surf-fur More

  • Projects Coming Together

    Slowly, projects have started to come together here on Tulum.  I’ve already ranted and raved about how I usually have 2-3 projects going at the same time, but sometimes it’s hard to know what they are and see evidence they’re getting done.  A neighbor was surprised last week when she More

  • Baby Steps to November

    We’re making baby steps toward leaving in November….one thing at time but at least three projects going at any one time; if that makes any sense.  Last week we knocked a couple things off the list as we were between “Camp Grandma’s”.  We were able to get the kids their More

  • Strippin Isn’t all Fun and Games

    Stripping is hard work!  For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you know that stripping is hard and not all fun and games.  NOW I know why people pay a great stripper, cause it’s long hours in the heat and has sucked the energy out of me More

  • Boat Projects with No End?

    I’ve commented before that my normal posting days are M/W/F/S/S, so if I miss a post it’s likely that we’re out sailing, I’m swamped with a project or I’ve just been lazy and didn’t get to it.  Time seemed to fold between this week and last week.  Before I realized More

  • A Dirty Post- The Last Pumpout

    Thursday afternoon, Tulum got it’s last poo-poo pump out (from Pepe La Poo) forever, as we had ordered and were set to install the second Air Head Composting Toilet on our 51′ sailboat.  I’ve been longing to go away from toilets on a blue-water sailboat that consume both electricity and fresh water, More

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