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  • A new year…will Shawnigan ever leave the harbor again?!?!

    We haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been SLOWLY working on our second half of Tonga post (which will be over a year past the time that we were there.) For some reason, once I’ve uploaded photos to a hard drive, I find I have a hard time fishing them Click here for full post: […] More

  • Drama on the way to Tonga…

    Is posting a blog like sending a thank you card>>> you have a year to do it and it’s still acceptable? We’ll just say it is and better late than never! After we left French Polynesia we did a quick stop at one of the northern Cook Islands called Suwarrow. Click here for full post: […] More

  • How we make it work… as a long term sailing family.

    I know its been a while since we’ve put out an actual sailing post. I think I’m almost a year behind!!!  Our last sailing post was  about Suwarrow.  Hopefully soon, a post about  sailing in Tonga (Sept-Oct, 2018) will explode from my brain and onto the blog.  It will come. Click here for full post: […] More

  • Night Swimming in the Waterfalls and PARTY with DELOS

    Night swimming and fresh unlimited mineral water naturally heated by the local volcano.This is what we really need tonight! Join us today while we are the tour guides for our new friends – the SV Delos. Together, we are exploring the Saint Lucian waterfalls at night! This place is really nice during the day, but […] More

  • On a Good Day

    March 13, 2019 Ready or not. At some point you just have to say fuck it, and go sailing. I know this boat. I know all its weaknesses. I know what it can take. I also know what I can take, which is probably a lot less. I know how Click here for full post: […] More

  • Union Island – Chatham Bay

    After a very unsuccessful free dive off the Tobago Cays swimming into 2 knots of current, we lifted our anchor, navigated the reefs, and set off on the short sail to Union, Chathum Bay. We had considered stopping off at palm island, and island off the east coast of Union, however due to the swell […] More

  • May 2018 …. love the sea plastic free with @afamilyafloat!

    Just a quick Iphone video made up from last May’s (2018) memories with an ocean ambassador slant to it. Click here for full post: Twitter: @afamilyafloat YouTube: A Family Afloat Instagram: @afamilyafloat More

  • Tobago Cays – The Iconic Caribbean

    We left Mayreau early as we weren’t sure what to expect in the Cays. Although it is late in the season the Tobago Cays is an extremely popular anchorage with every person we have met telling us it’s an absolute must. With all the hype around it, we were super excited to see what the […] More

  • #36 (Part 2/2) Towed by the fire department & Lessons Learned

      In this video, we share the story of how a beautiful day at sea ended up being towed back to Cartagena, Spain by the fire department. We recollect the succession of events that led us to this situation and share our lessons learned with the community. Armchair sailor warning! This could have happened to […] More

  • Suwarrow – Cook Islands

    From Maupiti we set sail for Suwarrow, not certain that we would actually stop there. 5 days and 700 miles later, we made landfall  August 22nd, 2018. Suwarrow is one of the most northern of the 15 Cook Islands, which are self governing, but in free association with New Zealand. Its Click here for full post: […] More

  • Maupiti – Society Islands – French Polynesia

    Maupiti: August 12th, 2018. Our last French Polynesian island… after Bora Bora . We sailed off the mooring ball in Bora Bora, out the pass on the west side of the island, hoisted the asymmetrical, and aimed for Maupiti. Shortly afterwards, we had to douse the asymmetrical and go with Click here for full post: […] More

  • Thoughts from a boat – Looking back, looking forward

    It’s three weeks to the hour that we shut the door on our ‘normal’ life, loaded the taxi with a 100kg of stuff we should have put onto Fat Susan back in August and embarked upon our third trip of a lifetime. I’m currently sat in Susan’s cockpit, drinking coffee Click here for full post: […] More

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