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  • Life After Lockdown As A Sailing Cruiser

    Life after lockdown as a sailing cruiser in Grenada feels almost normal. If you have a boat or are about to get one you could be living quite a wonderful life if you can get to this southern Caribbean country. The airport has yet to open and cruise ships can’t Click here for full post: […] More

  • Buying a boat remotely

    Bias to action: a quality in people who get things done. Right now, working on what’s possible to do – instead of what isn’t – is helping future cruisers make progress on realizing their dream. They’re even buying boats – despite being unable to travel to kick the fenders or Click here for full post: […] More

  • Patrick Childress – His Last Photographs of SV Brick House

    Patrick Childress takes some last photos of Sailboat Brick House The post Patrick Childress – His Last Photographs of SV Brick House appeared first on Where is SV Brick House? . Click here for full post: Youtube: Patrick Childress Sailing More

  • Going in the face of uncertainty

    Cheering on a family beginning their cruising dreams this morning, I imagined the wonders in store for them and thought about our steps south. In just a few weeks we have our “cruisiversary,” that date in 2008 that we left the dock on Bainbridge Island and headed out the Strait Click here for full post: […] More

  • Beating to Bermuda // ISBJORN Offshore

    First mate Ben Soofer on ISBJORN’s foredeck. Photo by James Austrums. Hello from 35 19 N, 071 06 W! Isbjörn is on a merry beat across the north Atlantic with the wind on her nose and a healthy crew. It’s been an upwind slogfest since lifting anchor outside of Maryland’s Click here for full post: […] More

  • SPIRIT OF BERMUDA RALLY // Landfall Imminent for ICEBEAR & the Fleet

    ICEBEAR leading the fleet towards Bermuda! July 10, 2020, St George’s, Bermuda: Facing headwinds on their final approach to the finish, Andy Schell’s Swan 59 Icebear skippered by Sean Westoby is poised to be the first entry to cross the finish line in the inaugural Spirit of Bermuda Charity Rally organized Click here for full […] More

  • Coronavirus Update on Brick House -How did we catch it? and More

    TweetOn May 15, we both tested positive for Covid 19. We both had felt they we had had the Coronavirus weeks if not months ago, and were surprised to still test positive. We were onboard Brick House in Hout Bay in a marina, South Africa from February 2, 2020. It… Click here for full post: […] More

  • Reassurance from Baja’s bounty

    Cruisers obsess over food sourcing and long-term storage more than the typical person. Over-provisioning is one of the classic new cruiser mistakes that even seasoned cruisers are prone to make. But the early weeks of covid brought concerns about food security. We were headed to Baja, a region already on Click here for full post: […] More

  • Living In A Marina On A Sailboat

    A lot of our readers are wondering if the sailing cruising life is really for them. Is living in a marina on a sailboat for them? Is anchoring in a beautiful bay for them? And what about cruising from one destination to the next? Getting a boat, learning how to sail, Click here for full post: […] More

  • Drinking Dirty Water In Fiji?

    This is a story about water, a basic resource we can’t survive without.  It’s also a story about Fijian hospitality, culture and kava.  Lots and lots of kava. See The Full Story At: Drinking Dirty Water In Fiji? Click here for full post: Twitter: @the_wynns YouTube: gonewiththewynns Instagram: the_wynns More

  • Bermuda & Back // SPIRIT OF BERMUDA Rally July 6

    Just last week a new rally in conjunction with Bermuda Tourism was announced, as both a fundraiser for the SPIRIT OF BERMUDA tallship, and as a way to get boats offshore who were otherwise supposed to have raced in the A2B (like us), or the Newport to Bermuda Race. This is good news. We Click here for full […] More

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