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  • Catamaran Overhaul- A Photo Perspective

    I’ve never been on board a Chris White designed Catamaran of any kind; so when I was given the chance to get onboard a large one while she was getting a complete overhaul, I jumped at the chance.  This large and impressive beast had already circumnavigated and it’s owner decided to More

  • Engine Frustrations

    Blogist Note:  If my frustrations shine through in my writing…I was frustrated at the time I wrote this.  The writing may seem a bit disjointed but I’m not going to change much cause I want the tone to come through.  I was sitting in a blowing anchorage with torrential downpours More

  • Short List of Recommended Professionals-

    For years we’ve lamented the service level in the marine industry in various places we’ve had our boats, always trying to use business’s that give us great service.  I honestly try NOT to use outside help cause I want to try to do my own work, but when I can’t, More

  • Rebuilding Our Aging Sailboat Engine- Gotta Start Somewhere-

    The 120HP Ford-Lehman workhorse of an engine in our 1977 Aleutian 51 Ketch seized just off Catalina Island, Ca several weeks ago, unable to be restarted and requiring in a very long tow back to San Diego.  As a result, we were hoping to have the mechanics from VB Engineering More

  • Will We Make the Ha-Ha?

    We went to Catalina Island, Ca last weekend but didn’t make it (to land) cause our engine may have seized up.  Our engine’s currently in pieces with a team of mechanics working with us to find the exact problem- get the engine out of the boat- fix it- and put More

  • 5 Quick Tips For Buying and Selling a Boat

    Lots of folks are buying and selling their boats as summer has set upon us;  so I figured it might be time to publish a quicky list of simple things you can do to buy and sell a boat…faster and smarter.  I’ve bought and sold a boat or two and More

  • Equipment and Personal Milestones- A Very Long week!

    This was a great big fun week.  Sometimes the milestones to accomplish the end goal are thrown at you all at once, like they were this past week. First, my wife retired after working for the same organization for 22 years.  She may decide to eventually go back to work, More

  • Projects Coming Together

    Slowly, projects have started to come together here on Tulum.  I’ve already ranted and raved about how I usually have 2-3 projects going at the same time, but sometimes it’s hard to know what they are and see evidence they’re getting done.  A neighbor was surprised last week when she More

  • Strippin Isn’t all Fun and Games

    Stripping is hard work!  For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you know that stripping is hard and not all fun and games.  NOW I know why people pay a great stripper, cause it’s long hours in the heat and has sucked the energy out of me More

  • Boat Projects with No End?

    I’ve commented before that my normal posting days are M/W/F/S/S, so if I miss a post it’s likely that we’re out sailing, I’m swamped with a project or I’ve just been lazy and didn’t get to it.  Time seemed to fold between this week and last week.  Before I realized More

  • Saturday Sailboat Musings

    I’m up early Saturday morning as usual because Quincy the Dog needed to go out, and when a Great Dane won’t let you sleep, there’s no way. you can avoid taking her for her walk. I used to just be able to open a glass door from my room at More

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