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  • Kids Corner: Tales Of The Pufferfish Clan

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…okay I’m TOTALLY saying stuff on my mind… I’m also pretty bored, though. We just came back from a knot tying seminar,,,it was rad!!! Yeah, I’m now totally boRED. There has been… nothing actually, at least that’s interesting that’s happened. Maybe More

  • Big Green Egg On A Sailboat: A Unique Way To Cook

    The Big Green Egg (BGE) is a specialty cooking system in most countries (where you can find them) and admittedly expensive to boot.  Since the BGE (Company) is based in the US and the use of the barbeque as a means of cooking is a backyard specialty…you can find the More

  • Quincy’s Corner: How We Have A Great Dane On A Cruising Boat

    This is Quincy’s Corner.  New to her corner? Quincy Dane is a young 6-year old Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat with her kids and feeders…who live full time outside of the US on the boat.  The feeder (that’s me) loves traveling with kids, sailing/cruising and adventure travel.  More

  • Catamaran Overhaul- A Photo Perspective

    I’ve never been on board a Chris White designed Catamaran of any kind; so when I was given the chance to get onboard a large one while she was getting a complete overhaul, I jumped at the chance.  This large and impressive beast had already circumnavigated and it’s owner decided to More

  • Kids Corner- Regatta Day

    La Cruz Kids Club Regatta Okay…once again, I have zero idea what I should write about (this is, what, the fifth time?). sigh. OH. I know.   So I bet More

  • A Word About Homeschooling

     A Word About Homeschooling by the HelmsMistress There was an endless list of considerations as we prepared to cut the docklines and leave.  Of these, the one thing I had all figured out was how to homeschool my kids while underway on a sailboat outside of the country….Bhaaaaahhhaaahaaaa!  Not More

  • Missing Work

    In July I left a career I truly loved and took the opportunity to cruise full time on our sailboat with my family.  I didn’t know what the future would hold, but I knew I was drawn to this opportunity.  About a month after leaving,  I had a good friend More

  • Quincy’s Corner: Tough Days In The Anchorage

    Every single Sunday our Great Dane (Quincy) writes a Sunday column to dispense her wisdom as a dog who lives on a cruising sailboat.  Quincy the Boat Dog lives on a sailboat currently in the Puerto Vallarta Mexico and she regards that boat as hers…like it’s her home and she More

  • Sailing Down Baja: A Thousand Miles Of Savings?

    Today I’ll discuss some of the generalities of how much money and effort it took to finally untie the docklines and roll out of San Diego, down the coast of Baja and into our first three months of cruising.  I closely watched our finances before we left…cause we were pretty low on More

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