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  • Kids Corner: MineCraft Musings

    Good Morning.  The following writing is done entirely by a 10-year old on board a cruising sailboat in Mexico.  These are her words and thoughts (and spelling) which are published every Friday on our website (when we have connectivity). hello, everyone!!! Hey, I know I’m supposed to wright about sailing, More

  • Kids Corner: Swimming With GIANTS

    Kids Corner is a feature on this website and blog that my 10-year old writes as weekly post about whatever’s on her mind at the time.  We do this to allow her to have a voice on the website and get her to correspond with other kids around the world More

  • Kids Corner: Reporting From Somewhere Fun In Baja

    Ignoring the fact it’s Friday the 13th once again…we’re starting to publish our Kid’s Corner Posts once again as we have internet/wi-fi and we’re somewhere that we can access it.  We’ll publish Kids Corner every Friday that we have access to internet or perhaps publish it ahead of time to More

  • Kids Corner: Tenth Birthday

    From a Kid on a Boat to Kids Everywhere…Kids Corner:  “HALLALUJEH! HALLALUJEH! WHY AM I CELLABRATING? ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TEAGAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE! I turned ten last night, around midnight. As a firstborn, my dad was SOOOOO anxious to More

  • Kid Corner: Thoughts on Composting Toilets?

    “Soo…we are leaving in a month. I’ll update u. school has started, and it’s the end of September. School is SOOOO boaring. Dad is provisioning up. I actually thought that he had things under control……until he got 50 of these little sugar cubes that were actually stuff to start fires. More

  • Kids Corner: Riding Waves at Dog Beach!

    Here’s the latest Kids Corner, coming to you from a kid who lives on a sailboat and writes to all other kids (no matter where they live): Hmmm…ya know, we left SeaWorld right after that, so I’m gonna talk about something else. As usual, I don’t know what to talk More

  • Kids Corner- Adventures at Camp Grandma

    Soo…I gess I have to finish camp grandma and grandpa So anyway, in the first camp grandma and grandpa, it ended with that awesome cliffhanger, so now im gonna answer that. WE WENT TO………………. {pause for dramatic affect}……………this place called………………CATTAIL LAKE!!!! Yay, I know. It was actually pretty fun.  So More

  • Kids Corner: First Video Log

    I’ll be the first to admit I had to think long and hard about allowing one of my kids to make a video that would be seen on YouTube, on our own fledgling channel.  However, I have already allowed her to start writing on the blog every Friday for her More

  • Crossing A Life Milestone

    Sometimes I need to slow down and breathe, savoring the moments in life happening around me. Last couple of posts I’ve alluded to how much July would throw at us…..and it has. I’m drinking it up. And, my lack of writing means I’ve been working…a lot. But more important than More

  • Kids Corner for Friday, June 28th-

    Happy last couple days of June.  The kids have been at Camp Grandma which is why there’s been far less Friday posts, but we’re picking it back up again.  Here goes for this Friday:  Ahem, (cough, cough, cough). Today I will tell you about the dusty volume that tells the More

  • Kids Corner- 190510

    Hey, guys! I’m back! So today I’m going to talk about our trip to Glorieta bay! It was an easy trip getting there. We were right next to the beach, which was awesome! We had a nice steak for dinner, then were rocked to sleep by the waves. In the More

  • Kids Corner on Friday, 190426

    From Teagan:  “hello, hello, HELLO! {YES, I AM SHOUTING HELLO TO YOU {SERIOUSLY}. Today I’m going tell you about Disney land. So first we went in the car for TEN INSUFFERABLE hours! then when we FINALLY got there, the hotel was actually pretty cool. They had a glowing fountain in More

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