Sailing Report

The best sailing news from around the world.

Sailing Report

The best sailing news from around the world.

  • 95. Fairing the Hull / Next steps

    In this episode we take on the glamorous and exciting job of fairing the hull! We start with power-planes and then use a variety of grinders and sanders for our initial fairing, taking off the worst of the high spots and shaping the outside of the boat into a smooth curve. Fairing can be a […] More

  • Ep 48: Book Release, Antique Watercolours and Magic Paint!

    Grab The Rising Shadow of Maddox Black at Lizbef tries some watercolours that haven’t been used since the 1950’s and also trials Culture Hustle’s magical SHIFT paint! Email Lizbef at for your own painting! The post Ep 48: Book Release, Antique Watercolours and Magic Paint! appeared first on EarleWrites. Click here for full […] More

  • Ep.279 Margarida returns – sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in Cuba

    I am still alone but Margarida is flying back today wooohooo….I am trying to arrange a perfect romantic picnic but things seem to be getting in the way. Click here for full post: Instagram: @sailingintofreedom YouTube: sailingintofreedom More

  • Millionaire for a day

    Less than 24 hours after ending my vow of poverty my net worth was one million dollars. Among the many … Continue reading → The post Millionaire for a day appeared first on Art of Hookie. Click here for full post: YouTube: Art Of Hookie More

  • Caribbean Volcano Erupts

    KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent and the Grenadines — A volcano in the southern Caribbean that had been dormant for decades erupted in a billowing blast of gray smoke Friday, spewing clouds of ash for miles and forcing thousands to evacuate. There were no immediate reports of casualties. The La Soufrière volcano last erupted in 1979, and […] More

  • OFFSHORE SAILING prep – Cooking with Kazza! SV Delos Ep. 315

    How do we prepare for an offshore passage? In this episode we go through our thoughts on weather and food prep to make our lives easier at sea. After getting knocked around by a storm in the Chesapeake we get outta dodge by pulling into an anchorage, but the damage Click here for full post: […] More

  • My Can’t-Live-Without Galley Gear

    You don’t need to get everything for your galley at once. Just a few, good basics will do. Here are my favorites. [More] My Can’t-Live-Without Galley Gear Click here for full post: Twitter: @theboatgalley More

  • What 2020 Taught Us

    Change.  Uncertainty.  Creativity.  Perseverance.  2020 taught us many things.  For Phillip and I, it was truly a wake-up call, in that we have always been committed to traveling as far and as broad as our work, lifestyles, and incomes allow, but we never dreamed the end-goal that we are committed Click here for full post: […] More

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